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Harmonious Body Bars


ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Olive Oil, Soy Bean Oil, Coconut Oil, Canola Oil, Sunflower Oil, Organic Shea Butter, Water, Lye (sodium hydroxide), Fragrance Oils & Mica (colorant). 

“Lilac Bouquet” - this lilac color bar is so fragrant you’ll feel like your body just rolled around in a meadows of lilacs (but without the allergy attack)! Our secret concoction of natural oils makes this fragrant brick a must have in your home! 

“Spring Shower” - this green and yellow swirled bar is not JUST a fresh scented moisturizing soap BUT it also has Sea Salt & Oatmeal added to gently exfoliate away dead skin sells leaving your skin silky soft! Our homemade blend of greenery smells like a garden right after a spring shower! 

“Secret Garden” - this magenta swirled bar is a springtime staple! Imagine your bathroom smelling like you are soaking in middle of your own secret garden! Our secret concoction of natural oils contain Jasmine, Lily, Rose and Plumeria… we know… you’re welcome! 

🧼 Psst… don’t forget to add your Bamboo Soap Holders… the perfect sustainable soap dish for our bars!