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The Harmonious Hanging Fragrance Diffuser


These hanging frames are not only a gorgeous floral accent but a secret diffuser for your home! Our Sola Wood flowers and raw hexagon frames absorb and disperse your favorite essential oils and fragrance sprays! Simply spray your Harmonious Diffuser with 3-6 mists of our fragrance spray or drop several drops of essential oil and enjoy the aromatherapy in any room large or small. Our potent fragrance sprays not only offer an exceptional burst of aroma for your diffuser but double as a linen and room spray for a harmonious space. 💕

Choose from several arrangements and please allow us 5-7 days to custom make and ship your orders as all of our Harmonious Diffusers are homemade by our team in upstate New York.  Colors and flower shape may vary slightly as each is hand dyed and tied so each piece is unique! We have single color arrangements as well as colorful collections, please see photos for examples of options! 

** AGAIN PLEASE NOTE THAT THESE ARE ALL HANDMADE AND FLOWERS MAY DIFFER BUT COLOR THEMES WILL BE IN SYNC WITH PHOTOS** Thank you for your understanding and support - no two pieces are ever identical! 

Available 4oz Fragrance Sprays: 

Home Sweet Home (cinnamon cranberry) 

Blueberry Muffin (just like nana’s recipe)

Gourmet Sugar Cookie (you get it)

Amber Waters (masculine vibes)

Butt Naked (all the ripe melons)

Coffee Bean (barista’s choice)

Flower Shoppe (the bestest bouquet) 

Coconut Water & Mango (tropical vacation escape)

Clean Cotton (laundry room freshness)